Winter comes around every year. Whilst there are many dog breeds who love the cold maybe even the snow....quite a few breeds prefer to be rugged up inside. 

Do any of these sound farmiliar? 

6pm and it’s already dark outside, not to mention cold.

“Oh it’s too dark to go for a walk now. It’s dangerous, cars won’t see us”

Puddles glisten under the street lights. It’s stopped raining.

“I don’t want to walk Buster in this weather, he’ll just get dirty”

The floor is covered with Buster’s fur. He’s been shedding more than usual.

Yep, winter is here and its a coooold one in Australia! 

Winter products for hair, safety and health!

We all know about the many blankets and coats you can get your pup, but what other goodies can help get you through the winter months? Are you equipped to care for your dog this winter season? Here are some ideas to help you prep and get through winter with your pooch:

1. Rogz Safety Light

Rogz Lite Red

Keep safe at night or on misty mornings with this water resistant light you can easily clip or hang onto any collar, lead or harness.

The RogzLite Safety Light Red

2. ByoFresh Deodorising Dog Wipes 

These are great if your pooch is a bit grubby after a winter walk as you can keep your dog clean and fresh between baths. These mildly scented wipes help reduce ‘dog smell’ and are anti-bacterial.

BYOFresh Deodorising Dog Wipes

3. Rufus & Coco Dog Slicker Brush

Rufus and Coco Slicker Brush

This is an award winning self-cleaning brush, with an easy to use push button slide that helps to lift fur from the brush. Perfect for managing those winter coats!

Rufus and Coco Slicker Brush

4. Tropiclean Spa Paw & Pad Treatment 

Tropiclean Spa Paw Treatment

Soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins restore and renew dry, cracked pads. Give Coco a pawdicure to help protect her paws during the cold season.

Tropiclean Paw Treatment