Little Scout’s wet shiny nose is shoved between the blinds, her beady puppy dog eyes following me as I pull out of the driveway. Those innocent mopey eyes are so expressive and powerful, much like Puss in Boots from Shrek. You know the look I’m talking about. Her eyes say “Ohh…you’re leaving me…again…why do you do this to me?” forcing me to feel guilt, guilt and more guilt.

How do you stop feeling guilty about leaving your furry friend home alone and make sure they’re not bored all day? 

Our top 5 dog toys are some of the best quality dog toys around. They’re great boredom busters, especially for single fur child families. They will keep your pooch occupied and help avoid destructive behaviour.   

1. Foobler

Foober Interactive Slow Feeder

Recently featured on Better Homes and Gardens, the Foobler dispenses treats for up to 9 hours, at intervals of 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes – you set the timer. Perfect for when you go to work.

Foobler Self Reloading Puzzle Feeder

2. Aussie Dog Home Alone

Aussie Dog Home Alone

Your furry friend can enjoy this toy with or without food! The unique design means that your dog can play with this ball like a boxing double end bag. To sweeten the deal, put some dry food in the ball. Lucky will get super excited about boxing as food is randomly dispensed.

Aussie Dog Home Alone

3. Kong Wild Knot Bear

Kong Wild Knot Bear

Kong dog toys already have an excellent reputation. Wild Knot Bears are soft and cuddly on the outside, with a durable and strong knotted skeleton on the inside. Your buddy will love the knotted skeleton with minimal stuffing. Squeaks will entice them to play.

Kong Wild Knot Bear

4. Kong Marathon Ball

A yummy bacon flavoured chew treat locks firmly into the toy, creating a long-lasting challenge that your dog will love! This toy and treat combo is perfect for addressing your pooch’s boredom and stress. 

Kong Marathon Ball

5. Sporn Unpredictaball

These fun dog ball toys have a unique design which means they roll and bounce around like crazy. Stuff them with your buddy’s favourite treats and they won’t be able to resist! Made of durable, non-toxic rubber and conveniently dishwasher safe (top shelf).

Sporn Ubpredictaball