Directions: give the chew in a manner that encourages the dog to chew rather than swallow it whole”

-- Dog gulps whole chew like they’re drinking water. 

 “Directions: part fur between your dog’s shoulder blades, then squeeze tube to apply solution directly on the skin. Do not bathe, shampoo or let your dog go swimming for the next 48 hours”

--Treatment applied. Dog jumps straight into pool.

Concerned your dog isn’t properly protected with flea, tick and wormer control? With the variety of products available, there’s one to suit your pooch.

For dogs who tend to gulp food whole rather than chew it (did someone say Labrador?), try products designed to be applied on their skin like Advocate.

For active dogs who like to go swimming or roll in the dirt and need regular baths, try a chew like Nexgard or Interceptor. You don’t need to worry about Rocky jumping in the pool – he’ll still be protected.

Buy at The Happy Dog Co and we can set up a reminder for you to re-stock flea, tick and wormer control. This will help you ensure Lucky is protected all year round.